Monthly Archives: April 2014

Manga+Press 2.9 or 3.0. And what about WordPress 3.9?

Last question first: I’ll make sure (as always) to ensure that Manga+Press is compatible with the latest version of WordPress, even though I’m in the middle of development for the next version of Manga+Press.

Which leads us into the second question. The next releaseĀ is going to be 2.9. I’m not going to jump to 3.0. I’m saving that for a feature release. 2.9 is turning out to be another refactoring version, namely focusing on template handling plus bringing Manga+Press more inline with the way WordPress does things. Which means deprecating some functions that handles Manga+Press’ navigation due to some bug fixes in WP core that allows Manga+Press to use core functionality for navigation. Sadly, that means that the “Group By Parent Category” feature will go away. However, I do have a solution for that issue, which is mentioned in this blog post. The main issue I’m finding as I continue the code refactor will likely be performance-related and could make template development (namely for comic archives) more complex.

Finally, I’m shooting to have a new version of out before the end of the year. The site layout has stayed pretty static since it was launched six years ago and could definitely benefit from a refresh.