Monthly Archives: October 2019

And More Updates

Now that the move has settled, I’ve turned my attention to Manga+Press 4.0. Long story short, it turned into a much-needed code-refactor. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from my current job, and applied it here. Basically, I refactored the Manga+Press code-base to be PSR-4 compliant and added in a Laravel-esque project structure. Granted, that doesn’t mean much to the end-users but I’m hoping that it makes maintainability somewhat easier for the future.

Basically, it means the original Manga+Press 4.0 beta that was announced last fall is off the table because of the rewritten code. I’m pushing for a holiday surprise with this release, especially since I haven’t had a major release in over 2 years.

#WIP Manga+Press 4.0 Features and Fixes

  • #CodeUpdate: The other part of Manga+Press 4.0 is I’m working on adding “compatibility” features for the default WordPress themes instead of relying on child-themes.
  • #BugReport: I’m also working on a bug that got reported last year about the Latest Comic/Archive Pages being used as the home page. I mentioned it in Updates and Thoughts on Recent Error Reports. Basically, I’m taking approaches 1 and 2 with the problem.
  • #Feature: While working on the new Manga+Press version, I noticed that TwentyNineteen added the featured image to the header. Manga+Press reuses the “Featured Image” feature to display comics. I realized that it would be cool to add a preview or “cover” image for the comic to occupy that same space.
  • #Additional: Adding support for using add_theme_support('mangapress'). Only feature supported at the moment is the “Cover Images” feature described above. This will allow 3rd themes to add in support for Cover Images by declaring add_theme_support('mangapress', ['cover-images']); in the theme’s functions.php file.

Anyway, I’m planning on a New Year’s release so cross your fingers!