Monthly Archives: September 2019


Yes, I disappeared again—due to some serious life-altering circumstances. Tl’dr, had a house-fire; everyone including pets are alright; I’m (well we—my family and I) back in a new place, and finally thank god for insurance. The thing is, this came on top of starting a new job—the fire happened at the end of my second week. How’s that for screwed up? Any way, what does that mean for Manga+Press development? In the grand scheme of things, absolutely nothing. The source code is all on Github, and my computers mostly survived smoke and water-damage. What will (frankly, it always has) effect development progress is how much free time I have. Since I’m working, and on top of that, getting established in the new house—I just won’t have time to work on the plugin beyond making sure it works with the newest versions of WordPress until the holidays at the very earliest. Sadly, I’ve been lax even on that bit of maintenance.

Either way, once I’m settled and have more free time, I will be turning my attention to Manga+Press.

Till next time!