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Manga+Press 3.0 Released!

Bye bye Child-themes

Upgrade note: the bundled child-themes have been removed. If/when you do upgrade, make sure to move those themes to wp-content/themes IF you’re using them. If you’re not using them, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. The old themes are available for download on the Themes page. I won’t be updating these themes going forward, nor will I be adding new child-themes when WordPress releases a new one.

Update Thoughts

This update has been almost 2 years in the making. If I recall, the last update I had was version 2.9 at the end of 2014. In time for the update, I’ve done a lot of work updating the documentation and moving it over to Gitbook, and dividing it into two sections: Getting Started, and Developers.

For the Future

So what does this mean for Manga+Press NEXT, since my initial idea for that was to branch off. Well, Manga+Press NEXT is dead. I realized that I don’t want the headache of trying to maintain two different versions, and the development on that project has pretty much stalled. So, I’m planning Manga+Press 4.0 with some new features and ideas — suggestions from the community plus my own ideas. I may do like the WordPress Core devs and do these features as separate plugins to test them out before integrating into the main plugin.

Till next time!

Manga+Press 2.9.3, Manga+Press 3.0 and WordPress 4.8

Manga+Press 2.9.3 has been tested with WordPress 4.8, and has been shown to work fine with the defaults so I’ve updated the WordPress repo accordingly.

Yes, there’s going to be a Manga+Press 3.0 — and maybe (eventually) a Manga+Press NEXT. Manga+Press 3.0 will be released either this weekend or next week sometime, and I finally made the decision to pull the child-themes from Manga+Press completely. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Manga+Press 3.0 WILL NOT have child-themes. I made the decision because I got tired of going back and forth on it, plus I could never get good usage data on whether or not these themes are being used, or if they’re at all helpful. As for features, Manga+Press 3.0 adds these features to the Comic Archive page:

  • Sorting options
  • Calendar template
  • Gallery template

There is also a Manga+Press 3.5 that’ll add an additional feature called comic bookmarking, which allows a user to keep track of where they’ve left off while reading.

Anyway, that’s it. Yes, this seems sudden but I’ve finally had some free time dedicate to the plugin and get it updated properly. Stay tuned!