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Coming Out of Hiatus after Three Years

I’m happy to announce that I’m bringing Manga+Press back after roughly three years of no updates. Reasons? I have more free time on my hands now, and there is a strong possibility that I’m bringing back the webcomic that facilitated the creation of Manga+Press back in 2008—my old webcomic Silent Shadow.

A lot of my work is going to be updating the code base to match modern coding standards. Some of the code hasn’t been touched since 2014, and it shows. I’ve also learned a lot since 2014 so it’ll be interesting to see that new knowledge put to good use.

One of the updates is block theme/full-site editing support. I realized that with the block theme, it may eliminate the necessity of including custom CSS for the navigation links. Another update is the likelihood of moving away from custom post-types to a custom DB table. The reason for this is more flexibility with the navigation links and category organization.

I’d also like to get rid of code that adds custom post-type support to the get_boundary_links() functions. Sadly, there’s a Trac ticket that’s over ten years old that shows no signs of being added to Core any time soon.

There’s other parts of the code-base I’d like to do away with, like the hacked-together CPT version of WordPress’ calendar function. The changes I have planned are extensive enough that I may just end up forking to a different version so that people who want to can stay on the older version—in which that version would only receive security updates.

Keep watching this space for more news!

Manga+Press: One Year Later

Last year around this time, I announced that Manga+Press wasn’t dead; I simply didn’t have as much time as I thought to work on it.

However, shortly after that announcement, I started obsessively working on Silent Shadow again. Between that project, learning Blender, work, and playing Fate/Grand Order, I don’t have time anymore for Manga+Press. My day job as a web developer makes it challenging to work on my own software dev projects without feeling burned out.

Essentially, Manga+Press should be considered on hiatus. At some point, I’ll check if Manga+Press works with WordPress 6.0 and update the readme accordingly. Going forward, updates will likely be readme updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version. I anticipate doing this for the next year or so.

Perhaps in the future, I’ll have time and energy to work on it again, but for now, Manga+Press is officially on hiatus.

Quick Update On the Status of Manga+Press

I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to work on Manga+Press since last fall. Rest assured that it hasn’t been abandoned. I will post a very minor update once WordPress 5.8 is released so that folks will know that M+P is compatible with WordPress 5.8. Manga+Press is compatible with the current version of WordPress.

Till next time!

Manga+Press Release Roadmap

Right now, there’s barely one 😉 but I do have an idea of what I want to do before the end of this year.

Manga+Press 3.5

Looking at a possible end-of-year release, which has been sort of a tradition of mine up until a few years ago. Some of the features that I’m looking to include are:

  • Random Comic navigation
  • Lightbox
  • Comic bookmarking

All three of these have been done, and are in an old development branch. I just have to pull the code out and integrate it into the next release branch.

Fingers crossed—looking at a New Year’s Eve release 😉