Monthly Archives: November 2018

WordPress 5.0

I haven’t had a chance to test Manga+Press (either the current version or the beta) with 5.0, so I have no idea of how it will work with the new changes in WordPress 5.0. My working assumption is that Manga+Press 3.0 will/should work because I’m not doing any with the editor—although, I can’t rule out potential changes to the_content filter that 3.0 is currently using.

That being said, I don’t have plans to release 4.0 until after New Years, while I will need to perform tests with WordPress 5.0 and Manga+Press 3.0 to assure users that it still works. Which, with the Thanksgiving holiday next week, I likely won’t have time to do those tests until after WordPress 5.0’s projected release date, which has been pushed to the 27th.

What comes after?

That’s a good question. Assuming everything works in 3.0 as it should, 4.0 will be tested and refactored against WP 5.0’s changes. After that, and after some soul-searching, I’m going to make the decision that I won’t be continuing active development on Manga+Press beyond bug-fixes and WP core updates. I still want to implement the features I had planned for the original 4.0 release, but it occurred to me that trying to cram more features into what should be a simple comic browsing/management plugin would be pointless, and doesn’t go with my original goals for the plugin.

Basically, it’s a “we’ll see” scenario.