Did you find a bug or have a feature-request? You can report it here.

To Submit A Bug Report

Before submitting a bug report, I highly recommend reading Manga+Press’ documentation.

If you simply have a support question, please read the documentation (link above) and then use the support forum.

If submitting a bug report, please describe the bug as well the steps to take to reproduce. Also include the versions of Manga+Press and WordPress being used, as well the version of PHP running on your server as well as any additional plugins.

Note: I don’t support 3rd-party themes (free or premium).

Bug reports are judged on whether or not they can be reproduced in different environments.

To Submit A Feature-request

If submitting a feature-request, please note that I do judge each request on the basis of:

  1. Does the new feature fit with Manga+Press’ current goals?
  2. How well will the new feature fit with Manga+Press’ current functionality?
  3. The level of effort needed to integrate the new feature into the Manga+Press core.

Please note that Manga+Press versions older than 2.8 are no longer supported.

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