Manga+Press: One Year Later

Last year around this time I announced that Manga+Press wasn’t dead, that I just didn’t have as much time as I thought I would have to work on it.

Well, it pains me to say this but basically, shortly after that announcement, I started obsessively working on Silent Shadow again. Basically, between that project, learning Blender, work, and playing Fate/Grand Order, I simply don’t have time anymore to work on the project. A strong part of that is my day job—I work as a web developer, and it’s very hard to work on my own software dev projects without feeling burned out.

Essentially, Manga+Press should be considered in hiatus. At some point, I’ll make an effort to check if Manga+Press works against WordPress 6.0 and update the readme accordingly. Going forward (I really hate that corporate phrase), any updates will likely be readme updates to make sure that the plugin still works with the latest WordPress version. I foresee doing this for the next year or so.

Maybe at some point in the future, I’ll have time and energy to work on it again but until then, Manga+Press is officially on hiatus.