Daily Archives: June 2, 2022

Manga+Press: One Year Later

Last year around this time, I announced that Manga+Press wasn’t dead; I simply didn’t have as much time as I thought to work on it.

However, shortly after that announcement, I started obsessively working on Silent Shadow again. Between that project, learning Blender, work, and playing Fate/Grand Order, I don’t have time anymore for Manga+Press. My day job as a web developer makes it challenging to work on my own software dev projects without feeling burned out.

Essentially, Manga+Press should be considered on hiatus. At some point, I’ll check if Manga+Press works with WordPress 6.0 and update the readme accordingly. Going forward, updates will likely be readme updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version. I anticipate doing this for the next year or so.

Perhaps in the future, I’ll have time and energy to work on it again, but for now, Manga+Press is officially on hiatus.