Manga+Press 2.9.3 and WordPress 4.7

I performed quick tests over this weekend to determine any issues between Manga+Press 2.9.3 and WordPress 4.7. So far, I haven’t found any but I also haven’t tried a complete run (installation, setup, add comic, etc.). Once I do that, I’ll make sure to update the readme in the plugin directory. With that, I have no idea how Manga+Press will work with the REST API but the assumption is that it should just work because I’m not doing anything crazy, I’m using out-of-the-box WordPress functionality.

Development has stalled on Manga+Press NEXT — due to life and other unforeseen issues, like my my renewed interest in drawing and 3D illustration. I still have some thoughts about removing the child-themes from 2.9.x, though. All of the sites I’ve seen so far that use Manga+Press don’t bother with the child-themes, so it may be safe to remove them (bye-bye bloatware).

Ran into issues this weekend with Jetpack on the website after I upgraded the server. Turns out that during the upgrade, PHP’s XML module was never enabled—d’oh. First noticed the issue when Publicize wasn’t working correctly, and took me two days to figure out what was going on. Finally checked server logs, and yup—no XML module. Oh well.

Finally, itself now has https enabled!

Summer is Over—Back to Work

Took the summer off from Manga+Press. It was good idea, since I’m now back with some fresh ideas on how to proceed with the next updates.

I’m branching Manga+Press. Manga+Press 3.0 will become Manga+Press NEXT, which will contain some of the feature updates that would have gone into 3.0 AND eliminating the embedded themes while old Manga+Press 2.9.3 will continue on its own. I’m also re-writing Manga+Press NEXT from the ground up, the reason being that there’s a lot of crap that’s still leftover from the old days plus I want it to be more flexible than it already is. Manga+Press 2.9.x will receive bug-updates as needed, but I’m not going to add new features to it, while any new features in the future will go to Manga+Press NEXT.

Release date for Manga+Press NEXT? That’s still in the air, as I’ve only just started development on it.

New Manga+Press Repo

I’ve created an organization on GitHub for handling Manga+Press plugin development. You can spy on progress [here]. Why did I do this? Essentially, it was the only way for me to fork the repo in a way that would allow me to do a pull request back to the original repo.

Which leads me to my next update.

I’m still on the fence about the 3.0.0 update for a variety of reasons, namely the removal of the embedded child-themes, which worries me greatly. I’m not sure how many sites would break if I released the update.

Jess G

October 4, 2015

Released a language pack update for Manga+Press 2.9. This mainly updates the languages for the embedded themes. It also corrects the TwentyFourteen child-theme’s stylesheet en-queuing issues. It is available for download on Github, [here], and should be available through the WordPress Plugin Repository shortly.