What’s in store for Manga+Press in 2013

First off: the Google Code-hosted Manga+Press repo has been moved to GitHub, you can find it [here]. Eventually, the help documentation for Manga+Press will be moved to GitHub as well. The reason behind this move is primarily a learning opportunity for myself as well as providing an opportunity for greater exposure for Manga+Press and (hopefully) highlight my coding skills.

So what is in store for Manga+Press in 2013? First, is Manga+Press 2.8. Manga+Press 2.8 is presently in the planning stage. Among the features being planned is the custom permalink structure, character manager add-on, and updates to the Manga+Press default theme. I’m also going to work in another code-cleanup for 2.8 — I’ve learned a lot in the past year and I think that the Manga+Press code base could benefit from that improvement in my coding skills. More than likely, a lot of crud will be removed that doesn’t need to be there.

Finally, Manga+Press 2.7.3 does work with WordPress 3.5. I had been testing Manga+Press throughout the 3.5 dev cycle but never had a chance to officially announce that fact — or update the readme files — until now. The holidays kept me pretty busy.

Until the next update!

2 thoughts on “What’s in store for Manga+Press in 2013

  1. Miss Booleana

    First: thanks for your good work! In my opinion the most useful plugin for publishing manga or comic via web.

    I received some requests recently to add sth. like an onlick function to the images so that it’s more easier to go through the pages with a tablet by tap. Do you have any suggestions for me which file I have to modify? I’m not really a php-programmer and would be very happy about an advice.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks! And sorry for the extremely late reply 😉

      Anyway, the files you’d modify would be in your theme — depending on how you’re using Manga+Press’ templates. If you’re using the Manga+Press templates, I’d advise you to create a separate directory called “comics” in your theme and copy the Manga+Press templates to that directory and make your modifications there. That way, your changes aren’t getting overwritten whenever a new update for the plugin comes out.

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