Manga+Press 2.7.5 Released!

I’ve just released Manga+Press 2.7.5, which fixes a few bugs, one fix which was going to be included in Manga+Press 2.8. I’ve decided to hold off on 2.8 until after the New Year.

List of changes in 2.7.5:

  • Fixed 404 when visiting comic pages after update (ported from upcoming 2.8 release)
  • Fixed undefined index errors caused by check-boxes when settings page is updated
  • Tested works with WordPress 3.8

You can download 2.7.5 from the Download tab, or from the WordPress Plugin Repo [here].

3 thoughts on “Manga+Press 2.7.5 Released!

  1. Jun

    When I updated Manga+Press to 2.7.5 it displayed this error:

    Fatal error: Declaration of ComicPostType::set_arguments() must be compatible with that of MangaPress_FrameWork_Helper::set_arguments() in /home2/********/public_html/ on line 165

    Tried deactivating it and then re-downloading the plug-in, but it displayed the same error each time.

    1. admin Post author

      I’ve tried to replicate the issue and so far, I haven’t been able to — and that’s doing what I assume you’re doing: updating from Manga+Press 2.7.3 using the WordPress Admin. What could be happening is that WordPress isn’t deleting some of the files — try deleting the mangapress directory and then downloading a fresh copy from the WordPress plugin repo. If the issue persists, could you give me with the following:

      • A step-by-step on reproducing the error.
      • Which version of Manga+Press you’re updating from.
      • Are you doing it through the WordPress Admin?
      • Which version of PHP you’re running.
      • Which version of WordPress you’re running (I doubt that this is the cause, though.)

      You can send this info to: [email protected].

      The reason I’m asking for this information is that I don’t have enough to go on from your initial comment so I can only guess at what you’re doing to get this issue.


      1. Jun

        I deleted the original and redownloaded and the problem did not occur again. Thanks for the help and the awesome plug-in.

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