Manga+Press 3.0: Update

Some updates. I’ve finally started some tentative work on Manga+Press 3.0. I’m realizing that all of the updates that I wanted to make might not be feasible during this update cycle, namely because of the big change that involves pulling out the themes that come with the plugin. I have a feeling that one change is going to upset a lot of people, specifically people who don’t bother to read what the update is going to involve. Oh well. I’ll have the themes available for download on my Github page for the people who do happen to lose their theme-data. I can’t do anything for people who simply modify the themes outright instead of creating child-themes but I can try to warn people to make sure to backup their files before upgrading. Essentially meaning that I won’t provide help if someone should lose their theme as a result of an update 😉

With that, so what I have decided to pull back? Well, the Gallery feature isn’t going to make it into this release BUT the bookmarking feature will, or at least that’s my current plan. In 2.9.2, I added support for Facebook and Twitter posting via the Jetpack Publicize plugin so that’s out of the way. Other than that, I’ve pushed off some things until 3.1.

Finally, since I do have the project hosted on Github (here), I am looking for people to help out and contribute to the project. At this point, I don’t have enough time to maintain Manga+Press by myself and would like a few people to at least pick up some of the tickets that I have out there. If you’re interested, go ahead and leave a comment below with your Github link included.