Updates and thoughts

I put the roadmap on hold. Long story short, I’ve been off learning new things and improving my artwork. I’m foreseeing that I’m probably going to be away for a little bit longer. How long, I don’t know. Which means that I’m not answering support questions on the WordPress forum while I’m on this break.

Which leads me to this: I’ve given thought to a few different plans regarding Manga+Press:

  1. Actively bring on help
  2. Give the project up for adoption
  3. Simply abandon the project

Honestly, I’d rather do Option 1 but I can’t seem to get anyone interested in taking on development, testing, or documentation writing. All of which I need help with. Which leads me to give some consideration to either Option 2 or Option 3.

So, thoughts?

One thought on “Updates and thoughts

  1. Chan

    Hi Jess,

    Hope you’re well..

    I’m new to WordPress and new to website making in general. I’m currently using your plugin as the other ones available were either too complicated to use or did not work with the themes I liked. Your plugin is the easiest one I’ve come across so far and so I really hope there’s a way it be can be continued/kept on! Sorry to hear of your struggles with it, I wish I had more knowledge, then I could help. I really do think your plugin is excellent! Especially for an anxious beginner like me!

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