Daily Archives: July 21, 2018

Updates and Thoughts on Recent Error Reports

So what’s happened? I’m back working again—finally. So that leaves me little time to work on personal projects, including Manga+Press. Which is probably a good thing because that leaves me a little time—even though I barely have any time haha—to plan. The version 4 and 5 road-map is postponed. I realized that there are some things I’m going to have to change about Manga+Press, primarily the way that the Latest Comic and Archive page is handled. I’m getting error reports about those two pages, and I think it’s all due to the use of the_content filter to modify the output of the content of those two pages. Tl’dr—my approach needs to be re-architected. Heh, ironically, I think I realized that around 4 years but forgot after the upheavals in my personal life these last few years. Basically, the ideas I have are:

  1. Remove the pages, and just use custom end-points with their own templates (this was my original idea but never got around to implementing it). This one comes with its own headaches. The WordPress Rewrite API was a bear to deal with—at least that’s what I remember from dealing with it when I worked on Arctic Cat’s website.

  2. Make the Latest/Archive page into their own post-type. It opens up a can of worms, though—there can be only two, for instance. However, it also opens up a realm of other feature possibilities, like refactoring the Series taxonomy. It brings us back to that can of worms, though. If I do that, I end up changing the entire architecture of the plugin in a way that it won’t be backwards compatible.

  3. I do (actually, should have done) what WordPress is doing with its static front-page functionality. One page is set as a static front-page (Latest Comic)—except the difference is that it pulls in the most recent comic, and then the other page is a post listing page (in this case, Comic Archives). If I remember correctly, WordPress overrides the admin for these two pages, letting the user know that they can’t be edited.

So, we’ll see. Rest assured, I’m aware of the issue. It’s just going to take time for me to find a workable solution.