Released: Manga+Press 2.9

Manga+Press 2.9 has finally been released for download on in time for the holidays. The culmination of a year’s worth of work. 2.9 features a major refactor of the plugin code as well as correcting some issues that were noticed during development. I’ve also removed a number of options in the Manga+Press that weren’t really needed or were obsolete. For example:

  • The Order By option. This option actually dates back to when Manga+Pres was forked from the MyComic Browser plugin and hasn’t been used since pre 2.6.
  • The Use Theme Template made sense at the time it was released, however once I started refactoring the plugin, I realized that this should be default behavior so these options have been removed as well.

A few more Manga+Press options are on the chopping block, namely the Insert Navigation option. Because of the way Manga+Press handles templates, this option is no longer needed and will actually cause problems if enabled. Since it wasn’t mission-critical to remove it for the 2.9 release, I’m leaving it in but I will remove it in one of the 2.9.x releases. The entire Comic Page Options tab may go bye-bye, but that isn’t likely until 3.0. To be honest, I’m not quite certain how useful this option is for users and I would really love feedback from users about this option before making any decisions.

Anyway, thats it for now. If you should have problems updating the plugin, I would recommend deleting the plugin via FTP and re-uploading fresh files — particularly for this version because of the file-changes.

Manga+Press 2.9 Changes

  • Corrected issue with Comic Post terms getting updated on post-save.
  • Corrected issues in comic navigation when Group Comics/Group By Parent options are used.
  • Added Manga+Press-specific version of WordPress calendar widget
  • Updated Comic date permalink structure
  • Updated and fixed loading of Spanish Language files
  • Adjusted template hierarchy for Latest Comic and Comic Archive pages to use WordPress’ defaults (page-{slug-name}.php and {custom-page-template}.php)
  • Updated navigation CSS
  • Removed “Order By” Option. Now defaults to date.
  • Removed “Use Theme Template” options. Now defaults to using theme templates.
  • Added contextual help tabs
  • Added Calendar template tag for comics
  • Added filter for changing Comic post-type front slug (defaults to comic)
  • Fixed missing “No comics” message for Latest Comic page.