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Jess G

October 4, 2015

Released a language pack update for Manga+Press 2.9. This mainly updates the languages for the embedded themes. It also corrects the TwentyFourteen child-theme’s stylesheet en-queuing issues. It is available for download on Github, [here], and should be available through the WordPress Plugin Repository shortly.

Released: Manga+Press 2.9

Manga+Press 2.9 has finally been released for download on WordPress.org in time for the holidays. The culmination of a year’s worth of work. 2.9 features a major refactor of the plugin code as well as correcting some issues that were noticed during development. I’ve also removed a number of options in the Manga+Press that weren’t really needed or were obsolete. For example:

  • The Order By option. This option actually dates back to when Manga+Pres was forked from the MyComic Browser plugin and hasn’t been used since pre 2.6.
  • The Use Theme Template made sense at the time it was released, however once I started refactoring the plugin, I realized that this should be default behavior so these options have been removed as well.

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Manga+Press 2.9.0 RC 2 Released on Github

Manga+Press 2.9.0 RC 2 has been released on Github for download and testing.

So far so good. I haven’t found any bugs in this current RC version. I’m at a point where I feel comfortable enough to release this version to the WordPress plugin repository possibly sometime this week.

I’m also at a point where I’m noticing other options can likely be removed, like the “Insert Navigation” functionality, which has been all but made obsolete by Manga+Press’ built-in template inclusion.

Manga+Press 2.9.0 RC 1 Released on Github!

Manga+Press 2.9.0 RC 1 has been released on Github for download and testing.

Unofficial release date for Manga+Press 2.9, I’m looking at possibly before the end of the year — depending on work/holiday schedules, of course! After the release, I’m planning to wait until June or July before starting development on Manga+Press 3.0.

Manga+Press 2.8 Release Date and the Future

Development is finished on 2.8, I’m happy to say. All that remains is testing. Original release date for Manga+Press 2.8 was February 28th (see what I did there?) but I’m may move that up by 2 weeks, if not sooner.  2.8 doesn’t bring much in the way of features, but does have a major code-refactor behind the scenes as well as eliminating the legacy Media Library popup.

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