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Manga+Press 2.8.4 released!

Just released a new version of Manga+Press: 2.8.4. This version fixes a problem with comic navigation functionality, namely relating to the Group Comics and Group By Parent options.

Manga+Press 2.8.4 can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Repository or from Github.

Manga+Press 2.8 Release Date and the Future

Development is finished on 2.8, I’m happy to say. All that remains is testing. Original release date for Manga+Press 2.8 was February 28th (see what I did there?) but I’m may move that up by 2 weeks, if not sooner.  2.8 doesn’t bring much in the way of features, but does have a major code-refactor behind the scenes as well as eliminating the legacy Media Library popup.

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Jess G

July 17, 2013

Manga+Press 2.8 Beta-1 is available for download from my Github page [here].

Manga+Press 2.8 brings compatibility with the new Media Library window introduced in 3.5. Manga+Press 2.8-beta1 was tested with WordPress 3.6 alpha — I haven’t had a chance to test it out with the RC version yet. Find an issue with 2.8? Please log it on my Github page, thanks!

Manga+Press Demo and Plans For Manga+Press 2.8

So, I finally have a live demo of Manga+Press 2.7 back up and running. You can check out the “Latest Comics” page to see it in action. There is also the new Silent Shadow site, which uses Manga+Press.

Plans for Manga+Press 2.8:

  • Custom Permalink structure for comics and series taxonomy
  • Character Manager add-on (or plugin)
  • Bug-fixes for any remaining 2.7 bugs.
  • Some theme-lovin’ for the default Manga+Press theme.
  • Improve on default templates for integration with WordPress TwentyTen, -Eleven, and -Twelve themes.
I also need to finish updating this site as well. Documentation needs to be brought up to date. I may transfer the documentation into a MediaWiki site or make use of Google Code’s wiki implementation instead of having it here on the site.

Noticed any bugs in 2.7? Please report them on the Manga+Press Google Code page: Issue Tracker. I’ll be more likely to see them there than on the WordPress support forums.