Blame Me, I Broke the Docs

Well, not really. You can still access the docs at, but I may be moving them back to GitHub Pages in the near future. GitBook changed some things recently, and I’m not particularly happy with the changes. The end-result is that I merged the developer docs and the guides into one repo, and the new GitBook experience is rather lacking.

In the meantime, what started as a simple fix for the issues with the Latest Comic and Comic Archive pages has turned into a full-on refactoring of the plugin. Which means, guess what? The original 4.0 roadmap is postponed. The refactor will become the new 4.0, which will have breaking changes. I realized that I was doing the archives wrong, for one. The Comic CPT was configured wrong, and considering my years of professional experience using WordPress, I should have caught that. You can have archives for CPTs in WordPress, and you can even customize the slug used. So that bit of WordPress Core functionality has been added—should have been added years ago, and should lead to a better experience all around. The Latest Comic page has been changed to a custom endpoint—branching from an idea that I had in my last post. So the next release will feature templates for both pages, but still maintain the original Comic Archive sub-templates for the three supported styles.

So, no release date yet. I’m hoping it’ll be soon, though.