Daily Archives: November 11, 2019

Manga+Press 4.0 To Be Released!

Manga+Press 4.0 will be released this weekend. Technically, it’s ready to go now, but WordPress 5.3 is due out any day. It would be prudent for me to wait to release it until I’ve had a chance to test with the newest WordPress version.

The only thing left to do is update the documentation. With 4.0, the way themes are handled has been changed completely. There’s now an API using custom actions and filters that allows 3rd party themes to provide support for Manga+Press. There are also new features, such as Comic Pages, and Cover Images (for themes that support them, of course), that I also need to document.

On the note about documentation: I’m moving the documentation back to Gitbook, where it’s easier to maintain. I’m not sure why I decided on a Github Pages implementation, but frankly, it isn’t working well.

Sadly, some of the ideas that were originally going to be part of 4.0 were put on the back-burner for the re-write. Those feature additions will likely be in a future release.