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Manga+Press 3.0 Update

Reversing course here. There is going to be a Manga+Press 3.0. It just won’t have the major breaking changes that were going to be included in this release. It will include some new features though, namely:

  • Sorting options for Archive Page
  • Archive Page templates:
    • Calendar Archive
    • Gallery Archive

Looking at releasing 3.0 by the end of February.

New Manga+Press Repo

I’ve created an organization on GitHub for handling Manga+Press plugin development. You can spy on progress [here]. Why did I do this? Essentially, it was the only way for me to fork the repo in a way that would allow me to do a pull request back to the original repo.

Which leads me to my next update.

I’m still on the fence about the 3.0.0 update for a variety of reasons, namely the removal of the embedded child-themes, which worries me greatly. I’m not sure how many sites would break if I released the update.

Jess G

October 4, 2015

Released a language pack update for Manga+Press 2.9. This mainly updates the languages for the embedded themes. It also corrects the TwentyFourteen child-theme’s stylesheet en-queuing issues. It is available for download on Github, [here], and should be available through the WordPress Plugin Repository shortly.

Manga+Press Themes Available for Download

In preparation for Manga+Press 3.0, I’ve moved the four Manga+Press child themes to separate repositories on Github.