Jess G

April 14, 2015

Taking a long break from Manga+Press in general, and WordPress development in particular. I’ll keep the plugin updated as new WordPress versions come out (also fix bugs as needed) but as for starting a new version, I currently don’t have the energy to work on it. It’s a long story but let’s just say tl’dr: the year got off to a very bad start and I need time to deal with it. So basically, no new Manga+Press versions until next year at the latest, or this fall at the earliest.


Jess G

January 6, 2015

A bug came to my attention recently and I’m currently in the process of working on a fix. Anyway, 2.9 introduced some interesting things behind the scenes involving the Series taxonomy. Essentially, with 2.9, you need to have a comic assigned to a Series category in order for that comic to be displayed properly. I’ve gotten two reports of comics throwing 404s and/or navigation not displaying correctly. After much effort in attempting to reproduce the issue, I found that when you create a comic post without assigning a series cat directly following installation, you will likely experience this error. However, if you go back to the comic in the WP admin and attempt to assign a category, it should still work and you should be able to see your comic.

That’s it for now. Will keep the blog updated as needed.

Thoughts on Manga+Press 3.0

Yes, its a bit early to be thinking about MP 3.0 with 2.9 just out the door but hey, gotta start sometime. Anyway, I’ve decided that active development on 3.0 won’t start until middle or late spring 2015 at the earliest. I have a tentative release date of December 31st, 2015 for MP 3.0, which could change depending on progress. I do have a few ideas for features — some my own, and some handed down by other users — for Manga+Press 3.0, which you can see on Github under the 3.0 Milestone.

To be honest, the UI around the Series taxonomy is going to be my primary focus for 3.0 especially since fixing the comic navigation with regards to category structure is what took up the majority of my time. I found out that the forked versions of the WordPress post navigation functions I was using actually did a better job of what I wanted versus trying to use WordPress’ built-in functions.

Anyway, see ya in the New Year!

Released: Manga+Press 2.9

Manga+Press 2.9 has finally been released for download on in time for the holidays. The culmination of a year’s worth of work. 2.9 features a major refactor of the plugin code as well as correcting some issues that were noticed during development. I’ve also removed a number of options in the Manga+Press that weren’t really needed or were obsolete. For example:

  • The Order By option. This option actually dates back to when Manga+Pres was forked from the MyComic Browser plugin and hasn’t been used since pre 2.6.
  • The Use Theme Template made sense at the time it was released, however once I started refactoring the plugin, I realized that this should be default behavior so these options have been removed as well.

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